Worm Rocks

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Untrademarked Productions debuted Worm tonight at the festival.  Check out the trailer. I loved it. If I’m being brutally honest there are a few problems; it’s a little wobbly in the middle,  it’s a little fat,  and there are some scenes that are a mite confusing.  But why be brutal? I’d rather talk about what I loved about it.

I love that it was made in and around Nashville by Nashvillians (I don’t think i’m spelling that right,  it makes it look like i’m saying villains from Nashville made the movie). I want to be careful here,  I don’t want to come across like I’m saying that I really only enjoyed it because it’s a local movie. I really think I would have loved this film no matter who made it or where. It’s fun,  smart and looks great.  It even sounds great.  I want the soundtrack.

I guess I should at least give you a thumbnail of the plot. The story takes place in a world where no one has dreamed in thirty years. Well at least not naturally. Fantasites are a new drug that gives back dreams to humanity,  and not just any dreams,  these are turbo charged nitro fueled fantasy. In this world lives Charlie,  an awkward young man who lives with his father and is slowly taking over his father’s job as maintenance man at the apartment building they live in.  One of the tenants is Reed, an asshole who dresses nice and has a great job and a new girlfriend June.  Reed is also using fantasites and soon Charlie is too.  Okay I really should expand on that some more but I’m tired and want to read some cheezy space opera so I’ll just leave you with a link to the synopsis from the festival’s site.


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NAFF 2013 Has Started

On April 19, 2013 · Comments Off on NAFF 2013 Has Started

Woo hoo,  the Nashville Film Festival has started and so has my vacation.  No work for me until next Friday,  Well that’s not not strictly true there are few things I want to try to get done but mostly it’s all fun and games for the next several days. I’ve already ran into most of my festival friends and met some very cool people.

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