Kodak Portra 400 35mm

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Here are some shots using Kodak Portra 400 in 35mm. The shots from Centennial Park I shot at 3200 ISO and the shots from Stephen’s Christmas Party I was shooting at 1600 ISO. I pushed the development on both rolls. I think the problems with the photos are all me and not the film or how hard I was leaning on it. I think the shots from Stephen’s Christmas Party were just seriously underexposed. I was able to save some of them by cranking the exposure in Lightroom and converting them to black and white. The funny think is the straight scanned negatives remind me of crappy snapshots from the eighties. This is definitely  a scenario I should have just shot digital, but I wanted to try out the Portra 400 and I wanted to give 35mm another shot. I was also using a Soligor zoom that I had not used before. I think I just introduced too many new variables. Anyway the photo’s are unique.

2015-12-20-0002 2015-12-20-0006 2015-12-20-0023 2015-12-20-0027 2015-12-20-0028 2015-12-20-0029 2015-12-20-0030 2015-12-20-0031 2015-12-20-0034 2015-12-20-0040 2015-12-20-0043 2015-12-20-0045 2015-12-20-0047 2015-12-20-0057 2015-12-20-0061 2015-12-20-0063 2015-12-20-0064 2015-12-20-0068 2015-12-20-0071 2015-12-20-0076 2015-12-20-0077 2015-12-20-0090

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