225 Down and 775 To Go

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So way back in 2008 I read an article about how Art Garfunkel had read a thousand books over a forty year period. I was still a bit shy of forty at the time and thought this wasn’t really all that impressive a number. Certainly nothing  I would brag about. I figured over my life time I had read  more like 1500-2000 books. 1500 books over thirty years is just a book a week. Of course I had no way of knowing for certain. Art had been clever enough to keep a list since 1969. You can go to his website and see the list. So I figured I would use this blog as a way to keep track of the number of books I was reading and though I would only have admitted it under duress toot my horn a bit as well. I jumped on this project with a bit more enthusiasm than I usually muster up for project like this but i did keep it up for a little while. Maybe a year.

Of course, the whole idea of making the number of books you read some sort of competition was then and still is silly. Maybe I’ve read more books over a shorter amount of time, but maybe Art actually retained what he read, whereas a big percentage of what I read is comes in through my eyes and just dribbles out of my ears. I lot of people think of reading as some uplifting experience no matter what you read, but to me reading can be as much a mindless escape as the worst three camera sitcom you can imagine. I swear some of the drivel I’ve read lately has actually made be dumber.

That’s beside the point though, the point is I’ve found a much easier way to keep track of how many books I’m reading. Goodreads. (Notice that the R is lowercase, that’s a sign or true class) Check out the widgets on the right. So far since 2010 I have definitely read 225 books, though I only seriously started keep track January of last year. So that’s 225 down and 775 to go. Another six years ought to do it.

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