Kodak Portra 400 35mm

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Here are some shots using Kodak Portra 400 in 35mm. The shots from Centennial Park I shot at 3200 ISO and the shots from Stephen’s Christmas Party I was shooting at 1600 ISO. I pushed the development on both rolls. I think the problems with the photos are all me and not the film or how hard I was leaning on it. I think the shots from Stephen’s Christmas Party were just seriously underexposed. I was able to save some of them by cranking the exposure in Lightroom and converting them to black and white. The funny think is the straight scanned negatives remind me of crappy snapshots from the eighties. This is definitely  a scenario I should have just shot digital, but I wanted to try out the Portra 400 and I wanted to give 35mm another shot. I was also using a Soligor zoom that I had not used before. I think I just introduced too many new variables. Anyway the photo’s are unique.

2015-12-20-0002 2015-12-20-0006 2015-12-20-0023 2015-12-20-0027 2015-12-20-0028 2015-12-20-0029 2015-12-20-0030 2015-12-20-0031 2015-12-20-0034 2015-12-20-0040 2015-12-20-0043 2015-12-20-0045 2015-12-20-0047 2015-12-20-0057 2015-12-20-0061 2015-12-20-0063 2015-12-20-0064 2015-12-20-0068 2015-12-20-0071 2015-12-20-0076 2015-12-20-0077 2015-12-20-0090

First Images from Travelwide

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I’ve finally gotten round to scanning the negatives from Thanksgiving that I took with the Travelwide. The cropping is a bit funny as my scanner only scans transparencies up to around three inches wide.

Shooting pinhole is frustrating. As I write this the camera is actually setup and exposing a sheet for a 56 hour exposure. Reciprocity failure is a bitch. I have to say though the negatives from Thanksgiving are interesting, but I’m really hoping to come up with an actual lens soon.


Time for the Yearly Post

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Actually my yearly post is about six months late, oh well.

I’ve been bitten by the film bug again.

I have been trying to get some scans somewhere that I could show them off easily. I’m not a stupid person. I did manage to get some photos uploaded to Facebook, but what if some of the people I want to share the photos with don’t have a Facebook account. So how about Pinterest or Instagram, thinking about it the photos would probably not be any easier to find there unless you already have friended, linked or whatever the hell it is you do on those services.

Moot point anyway, Instagram only wants you to put up photo’s taken from your phone and Pinterest only wants you to share other peoples stuff.

That’s when I remembered I have a website, even if I never actually post anything. So now I’m going to post something.

These are photo’s I’ve taken in Centennial Park over the last couple of weeks. Early Saturday and Sunday mornings. All but a few of the black and whites were taken with my Iskra the fuzzy ones were taken with the Holga my sister got me for Christmas several years ago (thanks Amy). The black and whites were all shot on Tri X and developed in Rodinal at 1:100 dilution and stand developed for one hour. The color photos were all taken with the Iskra and Ektar 100. These were developed in Kodak Flexicolor chemicals at room temperature with extended development times. I also skipped the bleach step. Bypassing the bleach step made for some interesting negatives. The ones that had plenty of exposure turned out great the ones I took earlier when the sun was not as bright appear really grainy and flat. I think I’ll go ahead and use the bleach step next time, I can always play around with the colors in Lightroom.

The Wanderlust Travelwide came in today. I’ve got my film holders loaded and I’m just waiting for the sun to be bright enough to take some shots. F/295 is a tiny aperture, after the reciprocity failure is taken into account shooting the Travelwide pinhole is going to take a lot of light.



























What I’ve Been Doing Since Last September

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Some of the Miss Jeanne's Mystery Dinner Theatre

Just part of the gang

Okay so here’s something other than an excuse for not posting anything for three years. This is a photo I took in November of part of the cast of Miss Jeanne’s Mystery Dinner Theatre (go see a show they are awesome). Stephen, Zach and I started shooting video for a documentart back in early September and did not finish till February.  It started out as just a doc but now these people seem like family. So much so that when we finished shooting Stephen and I had to figure out some excuse to keep hanging out.  Anyway you can go to http://captain-pixel.com/?p=256 to find out more about the doc. It’s going to be good and I’ll be talking more about it.

Happy Birthday Stephen

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From Stephen's Birthday

Today is my best friends birthday. Happy birthday buddy. Because of the Nashville Film Festival cranking up tonight we celebrated a bit early. Here’s a few pics.

From Stephen's Birthday
From Stephen's Birthday
From Stephen's Birthday

And my favorite of the night

From Stephen's Birthday

I know I’m weird.

18-200mm Has Been Delivered

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Even though it was used it came with complete packaging down to the plastic baggies. It’s the first one so it does not have the zoom lock but I have not noticed any zoom creep yet. The VR is amazing. I loveit so far, but I’ve only got to play with I during lunch so far.

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More Gulf Shores Pics

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These are from last August

From Beach
From Beach
From Beach
From Beach

And one more

From Beach

Pics From Last Year’s July 4th

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These were taken from Old Hickory Lake during Hendersonville’s Fourth of July Celebration.

From 2009 Independance Day
From 2009 Independance Day
From 2009 Independance Day
From 2009 Independance Day

Gulf Shores in December Pics

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From Gulf Shores December
From Gulf Shores December
From Gulf Shores December
From Gulf Shores December

Saratoga Springs Pics From February

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Back in February I had to go to Saratoga Springs in New York. Lovely lovely place, unfortunately the light was already fading when I got to get out and explore, but here are the best of the pics I got.

From Saratoga Springs
From Saratoga Springs
From Saratoga Springs
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