Worm Rocks

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Untrademarked Productions debuted Worm tonight at the festival.  Check out the trailer. I loved it. If I’m being brutally honest there are a few problems; it’s a little wobbly in the middle,  it’s a little fat,  and there are some scenes that are a mite confusing.  But why be brutal? I’d rather talk about what I loved about it.

I love that it was made in and around Nashville by Nashvillians (I don’t think i’m spelling that right,  it makes it look like i’m saying villains from Nashville made the movie). I want to be careful here,  I don’t want to come across like I’m saying that I really only enjoyed it because it’s a local movie. I really think I would have loved this film no matter who made it or where. It’s fun,  smart and looks great.  It even sounds great.  I want the soundtrack.

I guess I should at least give you a thumbnail of the plot. The story takes place in a world where no one has dreamed in thirty years. Well at least not naturally. Fantasites are a new drug that gives back dreams to humanity,  and not just any dreams,  these are turbo charged nitro fueled fantasy. In this world lives Charlie,  an awkward young man who lives with his father and is slowly taking over his father’s job as maintenance man at the apartment building they live in.  One of the tenants is Reed, an asshole who dresses nice and has a great job and a new girlfriend June.  Reed is also using fantasites and soon Charlie is too.  Okay I really should expand on that some more but I’m tired and want to read some cheezy space opera so I’ll just leave you with a link to the synopsis from the festival’s site.


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NAFF 2013 Has Started

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Woo hoo,  the Nashville Film Festival has started and so has my vacation.  No work for me until next Friday,  Well that’s not not strictly true there are few things I want to try to get done but mostly it’s all fun and games for the next several days. I’ve already ran into most of my festival friends and met some very cool people.

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Sunday at NaFF

On April 18, 2010 · Comments Off on Sunday at NaFF
From NaFF

I have now seen both of the Tennessee Film Night blocks. I didn’t realize until halfway through the second block that they split them up between narratives and docs. The narratives were much stronger. I loved For Memories Sake but the other docs even if interesting just didn’t have a strong focus. Not to carp, everything I’ve seen so far has been worth watching and it’s a hell of a lot offun hanging out. Right now I’m just killing time before the start of Lunopolis.

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NaFF Kick’s off Tonight

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Well technically it started last night. They opened up the VIP tent and were handing out laminates and you could buy tickets and pick up will call tickets. I got my laminate and picked up a thick stack of tickets and then hung out with a cool group of people until they were packing up tables and security was looking around trying to decide which group of laggards they would try to roust first.

I’m about to get cleaned up and head out there for tonight’s festivities. Nothing officially starts until 6:00 but I figure something will be going on. I actually not seeing the opening movie Nowhere Boy tonight. I’m going to see it tomorrow though. Tonight I’m going to the Tennessee Film Night One. Then it’s the Opening night party.

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Well here’s my schedule for the Nashville Film Festival. I might have been a little ambitious. I don’t think I left enough room for hanging out at the VIP tent. Oh well well see how it goes. Should be a lot of fun. Can’t wait to go pick up my laminate and tickets Wednesday after work.

Tennessee Film Night 1 | Green Hills Cinema- Theater 14 | 4/15/2010 7:00 PM
Nowhere Boy | Green Hills Cinema – Theater 16 | 4/16/2010 1:00 PM
Saturday Night | Green Hills Cinema- Theater 14 | 4/16/2010 4:00 PM
After the Fall | Green Hills Cinema- Theater 14 | 4/16/2010 6:00 PM
Fun With Shorts | Green Hills Cinema- Theater 5 | 4/16/2010 7:20 PM
OMG WTF Shorts | Green Hills Cinema- Theater 14 | 4/16/2010 10:00 PM
Young Filmmaker Showcase | Green Hills Cinema- Theater 14 | 4/17/2010 10:00 AM
Cigarette Girl | Green Hills Cinema- Theater 14 | 4/17/2010 10:00 PM
Black, White and Blues | Green Hills Cinema – Theater 16 | 4/18/2010 2:15 PM
Tennessee Film Night 2 | Green Hills Cinema – Theater 3 | 4/18/2010 6:15 PM
Lunopolis | Green Hills Cinema- Theater 14 | 4/18/2010 10:00 PM
Red Baron, The | Green Hills Cinema – Theater 16 | 4/19/2010 12:00 PM
Sensational Animation | Green Hills Cinema – Theater 4 | 4/19/2010 4:45 PM
One on One with Carter Burwell | Green Hills Cinema- Theater 5 | 4/19/2010 7:00 PM
Bad Blood | Green Hills Cinema- Theater 14 | 4/19/2010 10:00 PM
Hipsters | Green Hills Cinema- Theater 14 | 4/20/2010 12:00 PM
Documentary Showcase | Green Hills Cinema – Theater 4 | 4/20/2010 3:00 PM
Racing Dreams | Green Hills Cinema – Theater 16 | 4/20/2010 7:15 PM
Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl | Green Hills Cinema- Theater 14 | 4/20/2010 10:00 PM
White Stripes: Under Great White Northern Lights | Green Hills Cinema – Theater 16 | 4/21/2010 12:00 PM
3 Acts of Murder | Green Hills Cinema- Theater 14 | 4/21/2010 2:00 PM
Symbol | Green Hills Cinema- Theater 14 | 4/21/2010 10:00 PM

Oops, I forgot to budget time to go see Kick-Ass Friday night. Have to just squeeze that one in sometime over the weekend.

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New Phone

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I have a new phone. I found myself in dire need of one Monday night. Well not really dire. I just don’t like going a day without one anymore. I have been thinking about a new phone for months now so it was easy to pick out a new one. Which was good because I walked into the ATT store about ten till nine.

Anyway back to why I suddenly needed a new phone. Monday night was the last showing of Two Lane Blacktop at the Belcourt. Since I was still feeling rough over the weekend I did not go and see it Saturday or Sunday. So on the way out I got stuck in some traffic and had to watch the temp gauge. Everything stayed within tolorable levels but I thought I noticed the tranny making more noise than it should.

Now that got me thinking. If the tranny was low on fluid that would make it run hot which would strain the rest of the cooling system. So I determined that I would check the tranny fluid after the movie. Since I needed to run by Dad’s office I checked the level there. After pulling the dipstick I held it up to the headlight and what do you know. The level was fine.

Now to get the dipstick back into the tube. I couldn’t find it. I couldn’t see it. I couldn’t feel it. Now if can remember back to the beginning of this tale you have probably already surmised what I did next.

I got out my cell phone flipped it open and held it out over the firewall to try and find the dipstick tube. As soon as my hand was deep over the running engine I dropped the phone.

It slipped deep between the block and the firewall and landed on top of what I supose was the transmission. For a few fleeting moments I could still see the faint glow but before I could attempt to retrieve it the glow went dark. Sticking my arm much further onto the dark recesses of the hot engine compartment than I wanted to yeild nothing but a greasy arm.

I tried a couple of quick stops and starts in the parking lot but to no avail. So that was the end of the Nokia N75. Well at least that is when I cut my emotioal ties to it. For all I know it’s still down there.

Today I was telling Art about how I came to buy this phone. It’s a Motorola Backflip by the way, which I’m quite happy with after some tweaking. Art has a Droid which is also an Android phone and after my story he tried to show me some flashlight apps I could download for my new phone, but I don’t think I will be using this phone as a flashlight for a while.

Gone in 60 Seconds

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It’s funny how old movies can be interesting on so many different levels. On the most basic level. Is it fun, sad, exciting, basically is it worth your time watching it, that’s all that really matters. The next level has more to do with how good the movie could have been. Is the story there, is the acting good, is the direction and cinematography competent. None of these things are necessarily required but the better they are in most cases the better the movie is. If they could have been improved 99 times out of 100 the movie would have been a better movie. I find myself thinking about this stuff watching the original Gone in 60 Seconds. The direction and cinematography are decent enough considering the conditions this movie was made under. The opening scene was iconic enough for Tarantino to homage it in one of the Kill Bill movies, I think it was the second one. The acting is not bad except for when then actors are acting if that makes any sense. The story is crap, but the forty minute car chase that is the heart of the movie is an outstanding feat of narrative. Back to the point this is a very enjoyable movie really marred only by the fact that the protagonists are thieves. I don’t care if you only steal cars that are insured car thieves should be strung up by their balls. I could write a big long screed about how great the car chases are in the movie, aside from some frivolous gags that seem to have only been included to up the carnage level, but that’s not what fascinated my watching the movie tonight. The next level, maybe not the next but another level. The time capsule level. Now everybody knows what a time capsule is, but think about what a time capsule really is for a moment. A time capsule is a collection of items that people want the people in the future to remember them for, not particularly what is important or truly representative of the time being recorded. The hair, the dialog, the cars, this movie is a great time capsule movie. There are some scenes that look like everybody walked walked out of a magazine ad. Did anybody really walk around dressed like this? Well that’s the interesting part. There are enough crowd scenes in this movie, enough extras that you can actually see that nobody did dress like that. Another big kick I got out of the movie this time is I’ve actually been on several of the roads that are covered in the car chase. It was amazing seeing these thirty five year old views and comparing them to my memories from a month ago. Long story short I think I enjoyed this movie more tonight than I ever have before.

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I watched Bill Maher’s Religulous tonight. Thanks Jay. I’m not sure why. I figured it would be a steaming pile of narcissistic slop and it was, but it wasn’t quite as odoriferous as I expected and despite the way it may seem after reading these words I did enjoy it. I actually found myself chuckling here or there, even laughing out loud on the bits about Scientology, Mormons, and Islam. It is a strange fact though there does seem to be a direct proportion between the time spent lampooning a particular religion and the tendency of that religion to strike back either legally or physically. Basically Maher travels around the world speaking with a few experts and religious scholars, but mostly everyday men and women and a handful of crackpots. He shows himself to be a master at putting people at ease as he manages to poke fun of their most closely held beliefs. A technique he is especially skillful of is coaxing a deer in the headlight look from his subjects. He is honest, at least in the conduct of the interviews. He is straight up with everyone he encounters with just what he believes and doesn’t try any kind of trickery to elicit certain responses. At least from what we see in the doc. To be cynical though, and I can’t help it when Bill Maher is the subject, that is the magic of editing. We only see what he wants us to see and in the order that he wants us to see it. A short little aside about the editing, there is no real structure I could discern to the doc. It just seems to jump around from topic to topic. There was no thread linking it all together, just a beginning, bunch of facts, more facts, and an ending. He should have let my buddy Stephen Lackey edit it. He can find some kind of narrative in anything. Still though he was more fair than I expected him to be and he was always polite and courteous so I give him credit for that.

The biggest curse of the thing is that it’s just the same old arguments; it doesn’t add anything new to the dialog. He basically just goes out and finds some people that he knows will do or say something silly if they have a camera on them long enough and a handful of people that agree with him. He’s preaching to the choir, and while I’m sure the choir will find it amusing he’s getting no closer to the goal he professes in the wind up, which is to get people to drop religion as an old outdated institution that mankind can’t afford to waste effort on any more.

Maher comes across as a straight out atheist, nothing wrong with that, I’m an atheist. But at the same time he is always referencing his doubt as well. He talks about his doubt, but at the same time he is certain that religion is at best a silly eccentricity and more likely a crutch that believers cling to keep from seeing the world as it really is. He brings up the old shibboleth that more blood has been shed in the name of religion than any other influence. After the twentieth century I’m not sure that really hold up any more or not, but granting that it’s true it still missing the point. Religions are institutions of man, kind of an obvious point for an atheist I would think. Mankind has a pretty good track record for finding reasons to kill, maim and enslave with or without religion. For every war fought in the name of God, for every instance of a Catholic priest buggering alter boys you have to weigh the good that religion has brought to the world. It’s an inescapable fact that Western Civilization has been the most liberating force in history and along with some ideas that the Greeks came up with a long time ago the pillars of that civilization are the Judeo-Christian creed. Not to mention the fact that most people find some kind of religion comforting, something I don’t understand but can’t deny.

Just as obvious as it is to me that there is no God it is obvious to many more that God exists. People I respect, love and I know are a lot smarter than me believe in God. I don’t understand it, but I’m not ready to call them all fools. Maher is though. Maher seems to believe that getting rid of religion would rid the world of all of the corruption and evil that can be laid at its feet, but the corruption and evil doesn’t come from religion it comes from man. As an atheist where else could I believe it comes from? Without it man would find some other avenue to express it. He claims that doubt is the only hope for the world, he prescribes doubt for everyone else but he expresses none himself. His closing argument is that mankind’s thirst for religion will lead to our destruction. I guess I’m just not as pessimistic as Maher. I admit I find myself extremely pessimistic about the coming years, but if you plot the welfare of man across our history the trend-line is unmistakably on an upward trend, there are bumps and dips but over the millennia it is up, up and up to such and extent that if the rest of our lives and our children’s lives were spent in pure misery they would still only represent a small dip in the total history of man.

New Review up at Cinegeek

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New review of Breakfast at Tiffanys is up at Cinegeek.

The Year in Review

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I’m kind of sick of best of worst of lists, but we are getting one together for the podcast Thursday. The funny thing is I’m interested in what Brian, Alan and Stephen come up with. So maybe it’s not the lists it’s the people making the lists.

Anyway I’ve been going through all of the 2008 movies I’ve seen over the last year. I know I’m leaving stuff out but I came up with a list of thirty eight movies. Twenty nine of them actually in the theater. I don’t know if that’s a lot or not. I know I’ve probably watched at least that many non 2008 movies at home. Hell I watched all twenty of those stinkers on that Burnt Rubber compilation I picked up after Christmas. Now that I think of it I may have watched that many bad kung fu movies. Okay now I’m starting to get depressed.

The weird thing is that while five favorite movies of the year will be easy to come up with. Coming up with the five worst is giving me a little bit of trouble.  The problem is I actually did a decent job of avoiding stinkers this year which under any other circumstances would be a good thing but right now it’s going to force me to put some movies I didn’t think were that bad into the “worst” category. Anywy I’ve got until Thursday to figure it out.

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