Granville 2014

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It’s been a month, but here are a few pics from Granville this year.









Oh yeah and Uncle Jim’s truck won second place.


See how excited he is.

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Thank You Internet

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Polish Spark Plugs

Random Spark Plugs

Ever find yourself in the position of being tickled to death for being a moron? It’s a wonderful feeling if you’ve not experienced it. It means something has been bugging you so badly that you don’t care that the root of the whole problem is that you are an idiot. Pardon me while I wipe my drool off the keyboard but right now I feel as intelligent as a 9mm wrench and it is wonderful.

The story,

My car has developed a bad miss. It’s got nearly 200,000 miles on it so that’s not an unusual thing to happen. In fact over the last several months I’ve had to replace several coils and spark plugs to fix other misses. So I thought I had the problem under control. When a miss develops wait for it to throw a code, read code to determine cylinder misfiring and replace problem coil and plug.

So last weekend the car started missing again and Monday night it threw a code. Cylinder 5 was misfiring. So Tuesday at lunch I replace the coil and plug and went for a test drive and all seemed well, until that night when the miss came back. Only now it’s missing badly but not bad enough to throw another code so I can confirm where it is coming from. To gain some insight into what is going on when I got sat back down in front of my laptop tonight I decided to do a little Googling and I found something interesting.

It was a little chart explaining how the cylinders on a Ford 4.6 are numbered. It went something like this.

Front of Car

5        1

6        2

7        3

8        4

Simple enough right? Only this is how I remembered it when I replaced the number 5, or what I thought was number 5, coil and plug.

Front of Car

8        1

7        2

6        3

5        4

So I actually replaced cylinder 8’s coil and plug not cylinder 5. I was planning on replacing cylinder 5’s coil and plug again, or what I though was cylinder 5, as well as the rest of the coils and plugs anyway just to see if that would make a difference. I should have done it months ago, but it makes me feel so much better actually knowing what the problem is and that there is not some gremlin eating coils and plugs as fast as I can replace them.

Well how about that. Three years of silence and then three posts in one weekend


New Phone

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I have a new phone. I found myself in dire need of one Monday night. Well not really dire. I just don’t like going a day without one anymore. I have been thinking about a new phone for months now so it was easy to pick out a new one. Which was good because I walked into the ATT store about ten till nine.

Anyway back to why I suddenly needed a new phone. Monday night was the last showing of Two Lane Blacktop at the Belcourt. Since I was still feeling rough over the weekend I did not go and see it Saturday or Sunday. So on the way out I got stuck in some traffic and had to watch the temp gauge. Everything stayed within tolorable levels but I thought I noticed the tranny making more noise than it should.

Now that got me thinking. If the tranny was low on fluid that would make it run hot which would strain the rest of the cooling system. So I determined that I would check the tranny fluid after the movie. Since I needed to run by Dad’s office I checked the level there. After pulling the dipstick I held it up to the headlight and what do you know. The level was fine.

Now to get the dipstick back into the tube. I couldn’t find it. I couldn’t see it. I couldn’t feel it. Now if can remember back to the beginning of this tale you have probably already surmised what I did next.

I got out my cell phone flipped it open and held it out over the firewall to try and find the dipstick tube. As soon as my hand was deep over the running engine I dropped the phone.

It slipped deep between the block and the firewall and landed on top of what I supose was the transmission. For a few fleeting moments I could still see the faint glow but before I could attempt to retrieve it the glow went dark. Sticking my arm much further onto the dark recesses of the hot engine compartment than I wanted to yeild nothing but a greasy arm.

I tried a couple of quick stops and starts in the parking lot but to no avail. So that was the end of the Nokia N75. Well at least that is when I cut my emotioal ties to it. For all I know it’s still down there.

Today I was telling Art about how I came to buy this phone. It’s a Motorola Backflip by the way, which I’m quite happy with after some tweaking. Art has a Droid which is also an Android phone and after my story he tried to show me some flashlight apps I could download for my new phone, but I don’t think I will be using this phone as a flashlight for a while.


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From Granville 2009

It’s become a yearly tradition for Dad and me to go the car show in Granville each May.

From Granville 2009
From Granville 2009
From Granville 2009
From Granville 2009
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